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20+ Years of Experience in Mid-Maine Commercial Property!

Gregg S. Perkins

Mid-Maine Commercial Real Estate Listings

Welcome to Affiliated Realty, Winslow & Mid Maine Commercial Real Estate Listings. Are you looking for the perfect building for your business or commercial enterprise in the mid-Maine area including Winslow, Oakland, & Fairfield? Gregg Perkins and Affiliated Realty can help you through the entire process of finding the right real estate property!

Since 1988, Gregg Perkins has been helping mid-Maine business owners find the right buildings for commercial use. Together with two other brokers, Affiliated Realty has the benefit of over 60 years of experience. That's 60 years of experience working to find the perfect spot for your commercial use. Affiliated Realty can assist you in buying, leasing, or managing a commercial property. They understand the local market and will assist you throughout the entire process from start to finish.

Contact Gregg Perkins of Affiliated Realty today about buying, leasing, or managing a commercial property. If you have any questions about the process, call or email today.